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NO WEAPONS! 33 Days Until Production...

This blog is a behind the scene look into our personal thoughts on our personal journey...

Your God given purpose is personal, intentional and important to God!

Oh and Don't Shrink!

This journey to "I Almost Gave Up!" is one that is tested, tried and triumphant all at one time! I'm so serious! Honestly, ministry is not for the faint at heart because what God gives us to pour out to others through drama ministry requires time in prayer, time spent in the word, a good heart, a strong faith and a smile when you want to scream because the fiery darts are always coming! Chile, darts will come from sources you never thought possible. Folks will surprise you when you are pregnant with purpose but do not be alarmed, it is a part of the journey to victory and the development of your triumphant testimony!

Here is a tip: Be quiet, be still, and smile; it confuses the enemy! NO WEAPONS!

Listen, when we draw a line in the sand with God on our side, expect opposition but NO WEAPONS! Did you know that for years we have started and ended rehearsals with prayer and all cast members declare "NO WEAPONS!" We stand on Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn... meaning go forth and do what you are called to do for God knowing that NO WEAPONS are going to work! News flash, they will form and in most cases you will find yourself saying "Where did that come from?" So it's okay to be surprised but guess what, GOD IS NOT SURPRISED! NO WEAPONS! Yes, we almost gave up, several times but NO WEAPONS!

We have been doing plays for over 20 years and every round goes higher and higher! The more plays we do, the more anointed, appointed, loving, kind, professional, mature, committed vessels are drawn to be a part of this work. The "I Almost Gave Up!" Cast is made up of some of the most talented and anointed Thespians in South Florida and they can sang too! This phenomenal cast is led by Director Terra and Assistant Director Shekinah who both love the Lord and are in tune with our vision for this ministry assignment! They are ministers in their own right! Yes Lord!

We come from humble beginnings, we started this ministry doing church plays and then God said GO and we rented our first school theater and guess what, the people came, they loved it and they keep coming and they keep loving it! Our last production drew a sell out crowd of almost 700 people. We have not turned back! We don't go alone either, we have a Board of over 15 folks who have not quit either! We will not quit and giving up is not an option! Yes it is tested and true, with God all things are possible!! Let me tell you something, do not be afriaid to continue in what you have been anointed to do!

"Your gift will make room for you, not a box, but a room!" - Sylvia

A room full of people who love what God does through you and who receive healing, peace, salvation and in some cases an introduction to God through drama ministry. Not to mention, we get to touch lives and pour into an amazing cast of beautiful people with a catalog of gifts. Once ChichiMa Family; always ChichiMa Family!!

Don't Give Up! I know we all have those I almost gave up moments

but you didn't and we didn't! Yaaaay Us!

LISTEN ...... Get ready to be drawn into this production with a script that arrests you from the beginning and God's presence is felt thoughout the production. We hope that you are inspired to do what you were purposed to do and that you never quit because God will hide you; take care of the purpose snatchers; and deal with the character snipers! DON'T GIVE UP! NO WEAPONS! Manifestion Day is 33 days away! Get your tickets for the gospel stage play event of the year! "I Almost Gave Up!" coming Saturday November 4th for 2 shows!

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