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Know Your until the end.

Have you ever wanted to quit or start over completely? Well, thats where we were after this last production. Let me tell ya'll something...we almost gave up! Be careful in ministry because what you minister will come down your road first or soon... Our gospel stage play "I Almost Gave Up" did a ministry boomerang on us!

After the last production "I Almost Gave Up", we looked at each other and said "That's it, we are tired and done." We were exhausted, stretched to our limit and finished after 20+ years of producing excellent productions. You may be saying what? Are you kidding me? The play was excellent. The people truly enjoyed themselves. It exceeded the expectations. Well, we didn't feel any of that to be honest. We were done. Then the enemy sent someone close to us to say "this one (meaning the play) was more focused than the others." I'm thinking, what did you say?" ...but the words never came out of my mouth. More focused, really? God is always our only focus! We have poured out ministry at its highest point into these productions. Not only in a production but into the cast, they have praised God in rehearsals since we began. Our scripts have served as a word from God for many; this was their testimony. Cast members have had encounters with God for the first time. Playgoers who didn't know God asked who He was afterwards. All of these things are because of ChichiMa Productions value and our ability to keep God as our focus every time and never compromising! This comment, along with where we were could have sent us packing because we were already shutting the door - BUT GOD! The enemy uses whom he pleases; so do not be surpised at the messenger instead rebuke those jealous and envious spirits operating and keep going! Ask God for discernment in your ministry circles. I can be niave at times because love is my thing. I really believe that the God in me can love the hell out of you. But this does not work with everyone so be careful not to cast you pearls amongst swine; thats biblical. Everyone does not deserve your love as they would rather take your kindness for weakness. Release those things and people who have not served God's purpose in your life. It's hard but important.

Let me tell you, the enemy will use those closet to you to detour you, distract you and kill the very gift God gave you. BUT GOD!! Listen after this play the excellent reviews came in truck loads! It was like God was saying "What did I tell you; I got you!" God used Director Terra and others to pour into us and refocus us on the out of the box ideas that God is sending to ChichiMa Productions. These purpose pushers reminded us of the value of the oil on ChichiMa Productions. So guess what, we slept, exhaled, got quiet in the presence of God! Then God sent the restoration, rejuvenation, reassurance and revigoration we needed! God not only sent those to pour into us but he sent new business opportunties to us, ones we had not ever tapped into. God sent people who said "I want to help in any capacity." Wow! We went from almost giving up to a staff of purpose pushers who are ready and willing to work and see the vision to fruition. They took notes; sent the minutes from planning sessions; they sent texts reminding us of our value and they are taking off running with us! Only God can do that! We have an amazing Board but staff members were few in number but God sent purpose driven folks to add to ChiChiMa. Praise God!

Know your value! Watch as well as pray. The enemy is like a roaring lion walking about and alongside of you to devour you! It is okay to step back, regroup and ask God to adjust your vision so that you are 20/20 in the spirit! We have been tested in almost every area of our lives but we did not give up praise God! We are still in the fire but have not been consumed praise God! Please remember that you are of value to God!

Here is something to ponder, the enemy does not come for someone that has nothing to offer God. If the enemy is coming after you in unprecented attacks, you have value; know your value!! We understand that we are important to the kingdom of God! We received an awesome prophetic word from a powerhouse Prophet and the word came when we felt beat up by those who claimed to love us. The prophet said my husband was fire and that I am glory in God's eyes; what does that mean, together we are a force to be reackoned with! When doubt attempts to creep in, ask God to remind you of who you are in Him! That prophetic word has been a great source of reassurance and faith, praise God!

The enemy knows who you are to God so when he comes for you and he will; stand flat footed and know your value!! God will not allow you to be devoured by the enemy. Instead, the same attacks sent for you, will be sent back to the pits of hell from whence they came! You will find yourself asking God to have mercy on those who came for you and those who said things that they thought was private but God heard it all and shielded you from every attack.

We have not shared but God has already positioned us for new things in this New Year and we are only a few weeks in! Learn to be quiet and only share when God releases you to. Sshhhh the enemy wants to devalue you, so be quiet! We are not going anywhere. Instead ChichiMa Productions is going everywhere God sends us because of the oil that is on our lives and the lives of those connected to us! Maybe that will be the name of our production hmmmm... "Know Your Value." What do you think?

Know your value!

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