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My "Sit In" produced "It's Time!"

Updated: 3 days ago

Have you ever come to a full stop? I am like the Energizer Bunny; it seems as if I never stop. I am always up to something with the many hats that I wear! I am a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, producer, Elder, listen... social media support for 7 pages (mine and others), Lead Intercessor, sister, daughter, friend, confidante to name a few hats... I pour out and I pour out but... I came to a full stop! The latter part of 2023 and shortly after our hit gospel stage play "Who Knew?" The play sold out several shows. It was a success! God was glorified! But... I just sat down after... Sometimes you have to sit down somewhere in order to go somewhere else. I will say that again. "Sometimes you have to sit down somewhere in order to go somewhere else! " We are going somewhere in Jesus Name, Amen!

What I found out during my "sit in" ( is what I will call it) because I sat down in my condo and refused to move unless I wanted to and guess what; life went on! People who depend on me, figured it out! Many will not even come to your rescue either because they figure, oh she got it! Ya'll better learn how to check on your friends who you think have it all together. The good thing about this "sit in" was; God never left my side! God allowed me to rest, get restored, and God poured his love on me during that time and I am grateful to God for the pour!

WELL IT'S TIME! Another play season is happening! Are things a little behind schedule? Yep, but it will get done! God has blessed me with an amazing team and guess what I am allowing them to grow and give them room to create and manage with my full support and guess what? The Team is showing out! Trust God! Trust the process! Sit down somewhere if necessary!

We are coming out of the gate stronger than ever, praise God! We have an awesome collaboration with the Spady Museum in Delray Beach (flyer posted below) ! This assignment was not easy but it was right on time! Be sure to join ChichiMa Productions at The Delray Beach Family Affair - Spady Museum Backyard BBQ where the ChichiMa Players will be performing a riveting piece written by me in collaboration with museum and what a blessing it is! I'm super excited, our Director, Terra Couzens is doing a phenomenal job leading this project and I am proud of the ChichiMa Players and their committement to this project!

It's time to step out of your comfort zone and onto the water like Peter did in Matthew 14:29-31. He got out of the boat (his secure place) and walked on the water to Jesus (by faith) but the winds or storms of life scared him (life be lifeing) and he started to sink but guess what, He cried out to God and God came to his rescue! I love to hear my husband minister the song "You Have Rescued My Life." talking about God of course. God will catch you; it's time!

The Gospel Coffee Shop is happening June 22nd (flyer below)! We are booking acts, putting folks in the seats to see these Artist and we are planning every facet of this event! It promises to be a blessing! It's our 6th Annual Gospel Coffee Shop... wow 6!

We are awarding scholarships to deserving seniors! I'm proud of our efforts in giving back to the community! We have received several applications and our ChichiMa Productions Scholarship committee will be making selections in the coming weeks! It's time to bless some deserving kids! It's time to give back!

We have not named our new play for 2024 as yet, God is still downloading but we have asked God to move us in a different direction this year in our plight to go higher! We are waiting on God to reveal his hand in the coming days! I will be blogging about this miracle as it unfolds...I am waiting with expectation for God to show up! It's Time!

"IT'S TIME" has been a phrase that has been repeated in my hearing over the last few weeks as a loud confirmation in my ear! I am moving like it't time, by faith! I'm placing myself in position to receive his blessings for our lives. You see we need a miracle, what about you? Ask God, we did!

YES I SAT DOWN but I got up with purpose driving me, a new attitude, a new appreciation and a better understanding of what I can do, what I will do, what I won't do and most importantly what God wants me to do!

I'm Grateful for me, my self confidence, my self appreciation, my self awareness and self love; that was a mouth full but typing it did something for me!! Hopefully it blessed you too! Self love helps you to love others ,the right way, instead of pouring out everything to everybody, it is important to save some love for you! It's time to love you AND others more!

I am grateful for each of you! Many of you have been following us for over 20 years and you pack out show after show and you are not stingy with your affirmations either!! THANK YOU! During my "Sit In" I thought about you and your love and appreciation for ChichiMa Productions and it reminded me to enter this season with a mindset to give you more! Listen...this is an unedited blog at 1:20 a.m. so please take the grammatical errors in love. Life is too short to be caught up in the small stuff. It's your time, it's my time, be grateful and mindful!! Ask God to order your steps so you don't miss your time! I refuse to miss mine! I will continue to nudge on Jesus saying "Lord it's my time, whatever you are doing in this season, do it for me and do it for the person reading this! It's time, now with a grateful heart , receive it by faith!

Love you I really do!

Sylvia Woods

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