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ma productions, chichima logo, fig and olive custom logo design, designed by chiquita chinpal

In 1996, Director and playwriter Sylvia Woods theatrical hip-hop version of “Christmas in the Hood” led to the creation of ChichiMa Productions. Pronounced chee-chee-mah, ChichiMa Productions has become more than just a christian-based theater company; ChichiMa challenges its audiences to develop a stronger relationship with God. Through dramatic interpretations founders Sylvia and Mark Woods spread the love and good news of Jesus Christ.  The couple have put into action the purpose in which their lives serve. Followed by the success of Christmas in the Hood, Sylvia has produced more than forty-five other theatrical performances. Subsequent works include Tell Mama All About It, Who left the Gate Open- Part I & II, It Don't Hurt No More, More Than Enough and He's Still More Than Enough. In 2000, she produced and directed a black history performance titled Through the eyes of Grandma Mo. Since then, Chichima  has expanded their brand with a product line known as ChichiMa Inspires offering original scripts for all occasions and events, dvd’s, soundtracks, encouragement cards, stationary, home décor and signature apparel.

With an emphasis on the urban perspective of life, ChichiMa continues to successfully capture the attention of a diverse audience. Several plays have been performed publicly by schools, churches and other organizations. As accomplished singers and ministers at Resurrection Life Fellowship Church of God, Sylvia's artistic skill and husband Mark’s technical expertise has allowed both ministry and entertainment to coexist. Micro Business, USA was the cornerstone of ChichiMa Productions successful launch in 2001 as it became an officially licensed and recognized company. With a lofty objective of reconciliation, restoration and reviving, ChichiMa continues to influence the lives of people in the community as well as influence positive change within the entertainment industry.  In 2021 they officially became a 501C(3) recognized organization and thus renewed their community involvement and support. Their slogan, “where we put God in everything we do” Sylvia, Mark and the ChiChiMa Staff demonstrate the company's core belief every second, every minute and every hour of everyday!

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