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About Us

Mark and Sylvia Headshot on top each other.JPG

Director/Playwright: Sylvia Woods

Co-Director: Mark Woods

Sylvia Woods is a published author, poet and playwright. Writing under the guidance of Jesus Christ she ministers to the heart of people not only through her playwriting but her self-published book “Who left the Gate Open”. Sylvia is the recipient of  Zeta Phi Beta Literacy Award and Delta Sigma Theta Legacy Award.


Mark Woods is an accomplished musician, vocalist, and songwriter. He has had the privilege of performing with Darius Brooks, Albertina Walker and many others. Every stage production is mastered with his inspirational yet profound music.


Together the couple form an impressive production team as the fruits of their 30 plus years of marriage allow them to instinctively draw from each others strengths. They have vowed to continue lifting up the name of Jesus Christ!  

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