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I Almost Gave Up Wrap Up

In the words of our group song "We Made It!" The Gospel Stage Play "I Almost Gave Up!" was a hit! The testimonials are still coming in and GOD WAS GLORIFIED! The Administrative part of a stage play has several layers. The script, the audition, the cast, the band, the set, the concession, the marketing, the ticket sales, the playbill, the venue, the Sponsors, the Vendors, the bookkeeping, and the bills! All of those components must be met with excellence to produce God's excellence! Do you know it takes approximately $15,000 to put on a ChichiMa Production? That is with us doing the marketing ourselves, if we hired a marketing team you can go ahead and round that off to $20,000! Can I be transparent with y'all? We walked into the venue on Saturday, November 4th with over $3,000 of the budget not being met from ticket sales! GUESS WHAT, God did it again! Show #1 the 2:00 p.m. Matinee; the folks showed up and sold it out! We said alright God you are doing it and we answered with a praise! THEN GOD DID IT AGAIN! The 2nd show started at 6:30 p.m. and God showed up and the people came and sold out the 2nd show as well! We said Look at God!! At the end of the day ALL BILLS WERE PAID IN FULL! Your Faith is your currency! If God gave you something or impregnates you with a purpose, provision is already made for His promise! Your job is to trust him!

The cast members and band were exceptional in offering their gift; they truly allowed God to use them in a mighty way! Our Playbill was a digital application this year, so you had to scan a QR code to purchase it. But everyone did not get an opportunity to read about their favorite characters, our amazing Director or The C# Sharpe Band for example. So as a special THANK YOU we are going to include a Link below so that you can have the full Playbill with our special tribute to our brother Ronald Stanley Rolle Jr. who fully supported everything ChichiMa; we miss him so much. The Playbill gives the names of everyone who made the day possible and it tells more about our Owners/Creators as well. You can even see the breakdown of the entire production in the way of scenes! So enjoy it, read it from cover to cover!! Thank you Cecily Mathis the Playbill is beautiful another excellent job!

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We have a special announcement too! We will be releasing a new Episode every week from our library of plays on our YouTube Channel (ChichiMa Productions) until you see them ALL!! Be sure to HIT SUBSCRIBE when you are there because eventually this benefit will only be released to our Subscribers so be sure to SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE and you will be notified when a new Episode is available every week! We are so excited about this NEW FEATURE!! Click below for your Playbill!

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