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It's Gospel Play Season!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

And just like that, the month of June starts a new Gospel Stage Play season for ChichiMa Productions and its cast of thespians. The season jumped off to a very fast, very successful start with the 5th Annual Gospel Coffee Shop. This year the event was held for the first time in Beautiful Pompano Beach, at the AMAZING Ali Cultural Center. The ambiance and the host of talented people was the best yet. For all of the prior week there was rain forecasted for this covered but open air event, but alas...the actual day had not a drop in sight for the entire event. We were well on our way home before any rain ever began to fall. THANK YOU GOD!

ChichiMa Productions uses this event to raise funds for the upcoming stage play (usually in November of the same year) to help defray the costs of putting on a show and giving you the ChichiMa Experience that you all have grown accustomed to over the 20-plus years that we have been offering our gift to you. This year is no exception. There were more than 15 acts that signed up to perform. That is an absolute cadre of Gospel talent slated for one evening of showcasing. The talent ranged from theatrical monologues, to Gospel Rappers and everything in between. And if that was not enough, the chosen gift of the evening received a cash prize and a featured automatic spot in the upcoming November play.

This year the Chosen gift was a Gospel Rapper that goes by the stage name of JIG (Jesus Is Great). His talent was immense and his appeal infectious. I, for one, cannot wait to see how his gift will be incorporated into the Stage Play, "I Almost Gave Up" scheduled for November 4, 2023 at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center theater. This year, like all others, we will endeavor to give you all the Gospel Drama Experience of a lifetime. Not just a play, but an experience- with all the frills you have become accustomed to. So get ready. Until next time, ....ChichiMa Productions, where we put God in everything we do!

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